Vrbnička žlahtina

Vrbnik žlahtina is a part of life in Vrbnik, an unmissable companion in celebrations and bereavement. These golden drops are soaked with the sweat of Vrbnik’s farmers, they have been providing for Vrbnik’s families for centuries and are still the reason for the young families to stay in their hometown. Vrbnik žlahtina successfully grows in the Vrbnik field, which spreads over 211 hectares in the fertile valley to the northwest of Vrbnik. The deep and fertile ground, favourable climate and protected position have created good conditions for agricultural production.

The grape is considered a native sort of Krk vineyards, and its name comes from the Slavic adjective žlahten which means noble. The golden-green grapes are transformed into vrbnik žlahtina — a smooth white wine with a light refreshing taste of discreet varietal aroma enriched with floral notes of wild rowan berries, immortelle and apples. In the last decades, the wine has become a staple of wine lists of prestigious restaurants, hotels and wine shops.

Let žlahtina awaken all the noble, hearty and merry amongst you!



Valomet – a sparkling wine unrivalled by anything in the world! This exceptionally drinkable sparkling wine with a low level of fine bubbling is made from Vrbnik žlahtina and is kept at a depth of 30 m at the foot of steep cliffs (valometi) where Vrbnik is perched. Thus, the ideal underwater conditions have been used for the maturation of this sparkling wine, and each bottle gets the unique signature of the marine world.
It is perfect for special occasions and makes a special gift with a unique story, appearance and superb taste.


(Content taken from: https://vrbnik.hr/)