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Culture of Kvarner

The culture of a particular people and region, in this case the Kvarner area, encompasses not only literacy and literature, but also all the factors that advance, facilitate and beautify life.

Throughout history, numerous conquerors passed through this part of the country, many of whom settled and blended in, grew civilized and docile.

Though they had taken away a lot, they also brought something of the culture they came from. We will mention the cultures of Illyrian tribes, the Japods and Liburnians, then the Romans, Byzantium and Venice, who all left an impact on life in the area. Nevertheless, the most important thing to point out is the arrival of Croats in the late 6th and early 7th centuries.

In the 9th and 10th century, pupils of the Greek enlighteners Cyril and Methodius came to this area, also to the island of Krk, and expanded the literacy of the Old Slavic glagolitic scripture.

Under the name of "Terra incognita", old cartographers denoted those parts of the world that had not yet been explored in their time.

Although Kvarner is a well-known and defined region, many of its cultural and historical details remain a true terra incognita for the inquisitive visitor to explore.

Give us the opportunity and we will be pleased to introduce you to the wealth of the cultural heritage of this "unknown country" and to the interesting stories and events that are associated with them and are part of our rich and glorious past.